Our custom Production Line Monitoring System (PLMS) captures valuable, to-the-second data such as current line state, downtime reason, and line speeds to eliminate manual recording and obtain an accurate read on your line’s overall performance.

Minimize Production Line Downtime, Improve Efficiency and Eliminate Guesswork

Do you know how often your production lines stop? For how long? Why? If you can’t answer these questions with absolute certainty, then chances are you are still relying on manual stop time monitoring and recording—meaning your production line isn’t operating at maximum efficiency. The only way to answer these questions is to collect the most up-to-date information possible and analyze the reasons behind line stoppage.

PRODUCTION4ACTION, our advanced Production Line Monitoring System, combines cutting edge hardware and software to collect the most accurate production data possible.

The straightforward design of PRODUCTION4ACTION allows for quick implementation and training. In many cases, the system can be operational within a week. 

How it Works

Whether you require a PLMS for a single piece of equipment or for multiple lines and plants on an international level, DECIDE4ACTION provides options that can help you take control of your production lines once and for all.


PRODUCTION4ACTION uses a custom microcomputer-based interface box in place of the normal industrial Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) based interface panel and Real Time Computer often used for traditional Production Line Monitoring Systems. It is designed as a cost-effective, simple solution featuring comprehensive data capture and monitoring. It can be quickly installed per line or per equipment, so you can start collecting data as quickly as possible

Data captured is processed and transferred to our secure cloud database where it can be analyzed via our intuitive software program as well as presented via management dashboard and on large display screens for production employees .

We provide and service any optional hardware required to operate PRODUCTION4ACTION. Learn more about our hardware solutions.


The PLMS SCADA includes much of the same functionality and integration of PRODUCTION4ACTION, but provides a more comprehensive monitoring solution for all of your Major Line Equipment. SCADA has direct communication with all connected equipment and provides complete visibility during all stages of production as it collects data from a network of production equipment PLCs.

SCADA provides advanced downtime analysis by creating a digitized and annotated electronic data tail with minute-by-minute data logging. Graphical user interface and detailed reporting capabilities allow users to view real-time and historical analyses of production data.


CONNECT by DECIDE4ACTION is an easily deployable solutions that allows you to quickly purchase and install for immediate results. Each device provides an interface between your existing equipment and our comprehensive monitoring software. With CONNECT, any non-digital equipment can easily and quickly become part of the supervised pool of equipment.

The process is as easy as 1-2-3:

  • Purchase CONNECT  
  • Install CONNECT on your equipment
  • Register your CONNECT at DECIDE4ACTION

CONNECT is a rugged factory floor PLC- or PC-based device featuring  HDMI, ethernet connection, wireless connection, IoT LoRa alliance network, 4 digital output, 4 digital input and 2 analog input.


Manufacturing Intelligence at the edge of your operations.

DECIDE4ACTION’s Artificial Intelligence Service starts at the edge… automatically. Now it is easier and simpler for facilities to implement cognitive manufacturing with machine learning and predictive maintenance. CONNECTedge devices incorporate NanoEdge AI, Cartesiam’s unique machine-learning technology to understand and exploit data directly where it is generated.

Snap a CONNECTedge  onto a pump, boiler, motor, blender, grinder, your most important machines, and automatically the process starts analyzing and predicting it’s vibrations profile. Eliminate the need for in-house Data Scientists and expensive volumes of historical data.


ATTACH  with built-in magnetic mount

COMMUNICATE with CONNECT via low energy Bluetooth

MONITOR with the DECIDE4ACTION platform

Product Dashboard


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