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Measure downtime, OEE and utilization across all of your production machines.

Measure downtime, OEE and utilization across all of your production machines.

What it is

Production4Action is a software solution which allows you to view the status of all of your production machinery and measure key performance indicators such as OEE and Line Utilization. Additionally, Production4Action captures machine fault codes allowing you to capture accurate machine downtime and focus maintenance activities on the issues costing you the most productivity.

How it works

Production4Action works by collecting data directly from your machines with a wide array of supported input types. Production4Action integrates with existing plant infrastructure and supports data capture from Sensors, MQTT, OPC/UA, PLCs and Data Historians.

A web interface allows operators to view Line/Machine Status as well as declare/comment downtime events.

System Highlights

Real Time Data Collection

Real Time visualization of OEE, Line Utilization, Quality, Line Throughput, Machine Speeds and others. Production4Action supports both built in and customizable calculations allowing you to visualize data meaningful to your specific operation.

Automatic Downtime Categorization

Machine/Line downtime is automatically captured and tagged with machine fault codes allowing downtime to be accurately categorized without operator input. Built in logic allows the system to automatically associate Starved/Backed Up Events at your constraint to an offending machine/event.

Visualization of Top Losses

Production4Action supports a wide variety of categories allowing you to analyze your machines with a fine-tuned set of states. From changeovers, maintenance, and starved time – Production4Action features a number of supported states.

Integrated Business Logic

Production4Action supports custom logic allowing you to tailor the collection to your specific operation. For example, certain machine centers can be automatically set to a “Not Required” state when making certain Product Types thereby not accumulating downtime.

Customizable Measurements

Custom measurements/data can be captured/logged for each of your assets allowing you to measure important process data such as Temperatures, Reject Rates, Flow Rates and more.

Digital Signage Displays

A built in set of Digital Signage displays is provided out of the box allowing you to easily display data on TVs/Displays throughout your plant.

Gaphical line status screen.

Monitor all lines of production easily with Production4Action's interface.

Gaphical line status screen.

Improves analysis of your time downtime, OEE, and changeover.

Gaphical line status screen.

Real-time feedback to production personnel.