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Our test management tool automates and simplifies the product testing process to eliminate human error during testing.

Redefining Test Management
From Criteria Definition to Results Storage

During testing, there are three primary elements that must be managed effectively:

  • The test criteria that the equipment must meet
  • The test itself
  • The test results

If any of these elements are overlooked, you run the risk of defective products, inaccurate measurements, and unsatisfied customers. However, accurate testing requires a lot of time and effort. And even if you have a full-time employee dedicated to the process, you can’t rule out inevitable human error.

TESTING4ACTION is the future of test management tools. This industry-changing solution automates each step of the testing process so that you can devote your attention to continuously improving your products.

How Our Test Management Tool Works

TESTING4ACTION can handle it all. Your team can assign all testing criteria ahead of time directly from our engineering dashboard. The testing equipment can then automatically run all tests using these predetermined criteria. Our software will alert you if any of your products fall outside of the parameters that have been defined.

Once testing has been performed, your data is stored in our secure, easily accessible database. These results can be stored forever and continuously analyzed by our software to identify trends and areas for improvement.

Stop wasting thousands, if not millions, of dollars a year; we can help you develop a number of sets for your Automated Test Equipment (ATE). The end-result will be testing processes and data that are fully integrated across your organization.  



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Managing Test Criteria

TESTING4ACTION provides a convenient interface for the engineering department to provide all testing criteria for a given part number to be tested. These test criteria are entered using TESTING4ACTION’s interface and are stored internally in the database. The test criteria are linked to a part number and can also be linked to a specific revision of the same part number.

Managing The Test

TESTING4ACTION can manage the test itself with either customer provided test equipment or DECIDE4ACTION provided custom test equipment. To perform this TESTING4ACTION fetches the test criteria from its database, and the compliance of the Equipment Under Test (EUT) is verified against this criteria. During this phase the EUT will either pass or fail the test, and specific measurements will be recorded.

Testing4Action workflow
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Managing Test Results

TESTING4ACTION will record all test values from the test and send these values to its database, including information such as date, time, operator and any other required information. TESTING4ACTION will keep the history of all tests and also provides built-in analysis tools.

What Are Your Options?

Complete solution icon
Complete Solution

SQL database with server software, test equipment hardware and integration services.

Server icon
Software Solution with Server

If you already have the required test equipment and are looking for a more efficient database integration, we can provide you with a software only solution (with or without the server).

Hybrid solution icon
Hybrid Solution

We can work with you, provide the database, the software and the design for the test equipment that you will build yourself.

Custom Testing Solutions

Insulation Resistance Tester

The Insulation Resistance (IR) Tester is a system designed to automate high voltage DC conditioning and quality control measurements for capacitors in accordance with the appropriate MIL Standards.

Capacitance Nominal Prediction System

The Capacitance Nominal Prediction (CNP) System is a testing system designed to simplify LCR measurements, improve test data collection and allow predictive decisions to be made based on your historical capacitance data.

Automated Magnetic Test Manager

The Automated Magnetic Test Manager (AMM) automates data collection and provides robust test program control for Voltech™ Automated Testers in the Magnetics industry. Its tracking features ensure that operators are always using the latest approved program.

Capacitor Multi-Test

The Capacitor Multi-Test (CMT) automates conditioning and screening of power electronic components in accordance with the stringent requirements of the Defense and Aerospace industries.

High Impedance Ramp Tester

The High Impedance Ramp Tester, or Ramp Tester for short, is designed to meet the testing requirements of MIL-PRF-87217 Section 4.7.4 for high performance aerospace and military grade capacitors.

Automated Filter Test

The Automated Filter Tester (AF Tester) is a system designed to automate and manage
quality control measurements performed on electronic filters.

We can build custom testing equipment for any industry. Learn more about our custom solutions.

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