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Automatically gathers data and verifies in real-time its accuracy based on what is required at a specific stage in a process.

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Improve Your Quality Control Process; Guarantee Product Verification

Whether you work in food & beverage, manufacturing, or distribution, it’s crucial to have a solid quality control and verification processes. Without these, you run the risk of using the wrong label on a finished product, mixing a batch with the wrong ingredient or quantity, or loading incorrect packaging or creating a product with incorrect dimensions or other physical attributes.

But you shouldn’t settle for a quality control process to meet the bare minimum requirements. Not only is it not sustainable, it also requires unnecessary effort from your employees. Instead, opt for a totally comprehensive, state-of-the-art quality control system like QUALITY4ACTION.

QUALITY4ACTION allows you to enhance consistency and traceability, prevent errors and waste, identify potential problems as early as possible, and ensures accurate product verification every time. By completely automating this process you can save time and resources and still guarantee impeccable process and production.

How It Works

QUALITY4ACTION  automatically gathers data and verifies in real-time its accuracy based on what is required at a specific stage in a process, i.e. collecting appropriate ingredients, using correct packaging, affixing proper label, etc. Scanning equipment integrated with our state-of-the-art software application allows operators to avoid errors, gain immediate feedback, improve consistency, and assemble an electronic “paper trail” for accountability. QUALITY4ACTION helps you deliver better products faster.

BATCH VERIFICATION is a real-time solution to error-proof your batching operations, deliver better products faster, reduce manual record keeping, and improve batch consistency.

Our industry-grade scanner with state-of-the-art application (Windows or Android) provides operators with constant access to current formulations, verifies components accurately, assembles electronic records, and tracks inventory—all with the click of a button. Audible feedback on the scanner alerts operators to potential errors in selected components, including out-of-date material, wrong amounts, and incomplete batches.

Our LABEL VERIFICATION  product performs high-speed scanning to verify barcode accuracy and monitor count and speed. As soon as it detects an error, the lines stops so you can quickly address the issue and continue the production process.

In addition, the system can also notify management about any issues on the production line via email or text message.

With PACKAGE VERIFICATION ensures you can verify the proper selection of packaging components such as bottles, can bodies, closures, lids, labels, shrink wraps, paperboard wraps, and more. In addition, you can capture the associated lot numbers of these components used during production runs.

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