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Custom laboratory information management system (LIMS) that eliminates the need for manual data collection and entry in the lab.

Lab4Action Interface

Automate Your Lab’s Data Recording and Management with Our State-of-the-Art LIM Software

In any manufacturing environment, one of the keys to making top-notch products is constant attention to quality and consistency. Historically, many of the tests performed to assure this quality required a full time employee and dedicated instruments typically located in a testing lab. However, when you’re relying on  manually maintaining important data, you compromise quality and consistency of that data.

At DECIDE4ACTION, we believe that the focus should be put back on quality and accuracy. Our state-of-the-art lab information management system allows teams to move the whole process of information gathering, decision making, calculation, review, and release out into the workplace, and not strictly confine it to the laboratory environment.

How It Works

We offer both a cloud-based and on-premise system depending on what best fits your needs. Both options are focused on the goal to create a seamless organization where everyone involved in the process has access to the data and analysis tools required to make sound decisions that directly affect quality.

Both options feature the following:

  • Automatic data transfer from equipment to software
  • Product test results data entry
  • Product specification administration
  • Best in class statistical process control
  • Data analysis charting tools
  • Detailed summary reports
  • Integration with our SMART Station for access to data on the shop floor


LAB4ACTION: Designed for Compliance

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Complete On-Premise System

For some organizations an on-premise LDMS is a must. It gives you greater control over access, privacy, and back-ups, all while giving your users immediate access to both real time and historical quality related data. A centralized database with dashboard capabilities, direct equipment interface, and automated data collection and analyses ensure your lab operations are as efficient and streamlined as possible.

Cloud-Based System

Cost and budgets a concern for you? The LAB4ACTION  cloud-based system is cost-effective and offers the same benefits as many other lab information management systems that require substantial capital for an on-premise application and database server. Using user-defined test parameter descriptions and field types and electronic data capture, LAB4ACTION offers a real-time solution to lab information management.


Product Dashboard