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Embark on a journey of unparalleled efficiency and control with our cutting-edge facility monitoring software. With an interconnected ecosystem, every aspect of your facility is at your fingertips, intelligently responding to your needs. 

Your Entire Asset Performance In One Solution

Do you often have to chose between comfort and energy savings ? Or between equipment efficiency and quality of service ? There are many costly problems and risks a solid asset management solution can avoid. Ensure the comfort and safety of your occupants by monitoring building usage and indoor settings (air quality, temperature, etc.) and adapting energy-intensive uses to the occupancy of your spaces.

FACILITY4ACTION, our advanced Facility Management System, combines cutting edge data collection and commands so that you can take measured action on your buildings and occupant safety and wellbeing.

Use Cases

Indoor Air Quality

The health and well-being of your occupants depend on good indoor air quality. Poor indoor quality leads to health problems and a productivity drop. Measure C02, Formaldehydes, and fine particles in your building in real-time so that you can act fast accordingly.


By optimising your workspaces and reducing square meters used, you may increase your usage by 20% while adapting your service contracts to the real usage of your office space. 

Smart Parking

Stay informed about the real-time status of your car park: number of free parking spaces by category ( Electric Vehicles, reduced mobility, Car sharing, VIPs, Visitors) and get an overview of the occupation rate and category of your parking spaces for optimal management. 

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