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Modular enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution that is customizable and configurable, for smarter control and more informed decision-making across processes, departments, and facilities.

Customize the ERP Fit

Simplifying Integration

Manufacturers and Made-to-Order job shops need to be more data-driven. Every department and process… receiving, purchasing, planning, production, quality, packaging, warehousing, distribution, finance, and management – needs real-time, accurate data to make the best decisions.    

ERP4ACTION is a modular enterprise resource planning (ERP) software application that is customizable and configurable. Manufacturers, machine shops, and organizations leverage our ERP to better control all aspects of their business, from purchasing raw materials to bidding job costing, production scheduling, production runs, inventory management, and final delivery.

How it Works?

ERP4ACTION drives real-time efficiencies by centralizing and sharing critical data across all departments of an organization. It can even automate tasks and processes.

Taking a Closer Look

Asking the Right Questions

– Is it easy for you to gather and analyze all critical data?

– Do your teams have quick access to ALL vital data when needed, wherever they are?

– Do your departments automatically share access to critical data?

– Are your software programs & applications communicating together?


“No” to any of the above questions signals data silos in your organization. Information is being managed across a variety of programs and platforms. This decreases efficiency and increases costs, work, time, frustration, errors, mistakes, etc.

Simple Solutions

Straight Forward Approach

ERP4ACTION gives  you more control over your operations, production, quality, and costs:

Simplify the steps and generation of documents like work orders, cost sheets, invoices, etc. Manage raw materials and finished goods inventories in real-time. Provide the location of each product on the shop floor or at a third-party location. Determine the manufacturing time for each project, product, or operation—Automate tasks and information sharing for alerts, reporting, administration, etc – and much more. 

An ERP That Also Fits Machine Shops

ERP4ACTION allows build to stock (BTS), build to order (BTO), engineer to order (ETO), product distribution, etc. With an advanced scheduler that also manages all types of tools and molds, as well as a Just in Time (JIT) supply management system, operations can be much more precise with determining the delivery dates when taking orders!

Management of serial numbers, lot numbers and ‘mill’ tests are supported. Inventories are multi-warehouse and multi-category, allowing for controls of inventory movements. As well, the creation of manufacturing recipes is assisted by our raw materials and finished goods configurators.

Inventory Control

Auto create requisitions and convert them into quotation requests or purchase orders

Replenish inventories based on minimum stock quantities, material requisitions and/or manufacturing schedules


Customer entries linked directly to accounting software

Customer accounts can have multiple shipping addresses and contacts, specifics related to currency, territory, price lists and much more

Sales Price Management

Control selling price using price lists

Configure discounts by customized metrics

Update all prices in 5 minutes with changes auto-logged

EDI & Data Acquisition

Auto-capture production time per operation of all work orders, and cost price and progress for each of product manufactured

Employee data captured using bar codes or unique I.D.

Eliminate production computers and traditional time cards

Proposal/ Quote

Create simple or complex quotes

Configure by materials, time of production, notes, procedures, drawings etc.

Auto-determine product cost price and selling price

Time Management

Production data in real-time

Know who does what, where, and at what cost

Gain cost price of each product

Follow each manufacturing step, including subcontractors

Product Configurator

Finished & semi-finished products

Define all aspects:
materials, production operations, notes, procedures, required documents, drawings, revisions, versions, etc.

Auto-create recipes by importing from computerized drawings (BOM)

Production Planning

Integrated scheduling tool, manufacturing date generator and weekly production calendar

Guarantee delivery dates

Know production start and end dates, including subcontracting

Allocate human resources, machines and tools

Online Sales

Customers order products or set recommended products

Review, reject, or accept online orders

Accepted orders created automatically and directed to production or delivery


Eliminates issuing traditional work orders

Provides access to all information necessary to carry out tasks and operations

Minimizes needed actions to obtain completion times for tasks and operations

Mobile Data Interface

Web-based modules communicate with platform directly and asynchronously

Track time and attendance, production work time, raw material consumption, pick lists, shipping bills, inventory adjustment, raw material requests, etc.

Accounting Software Integration

ERP4ACTION directly interfaces with industry-popular accounting software programs. Streamlines data capture and recordkeeping. Prevents double entry of client files and invoices, supplier files and invoices. Transfers worked hours for payroll processing.

Functionalities vary depending on the accounting software.

CAD Systems Integration

ERP4ACTION provides direct integration capabilities with several CAD systems. Customized manufacturers can optimize the complete business operation, from design and engineering, through production to client delivery. 

Functionalities vary depending on the CAD software.

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