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Ensure Regulatory Compliance At All Times

Whether your business is held to external regulations or internal ones, you understand just how crucial it can be to maintain compliance with regulatory standards.

However, if your team is still manually performing audits or filing paperwork, maintaining compliance can be tedious and daunting. And if you have multiple locations or deal with multiple sets of regulations, there is a lot of room for human error—audits can easily be misfiled or recorded incorrectly.

Our compliance software saves time, resources, and effort by digitizing and consolidating all information into one application, eliminating arbitrary tasks, and automating audit processes. Your team can enjoy a more streamlined process while still adhering to regulations put forth by any of the following agencies:

  • FDA – Food and Drug Administration
  • FCC – Federal Communications Commission
  • EPA – Environmental Protection Agency
  • GMP – Good Manufacturing Practice
  • ISO9001, AS9100
  • FAA – Federal Aviation Administration
  • ITAR – International Traffic in Arms Regulations
  • EAR – Export Administration Regulations
  • FTC – Federal Trade Commission
  • ICC – Interstate Commerce Commission
  • NRC – Nuclear Regulatory Commission
  • SEC – Securities and Exchange Commission
  • OSHA – Occupational Safety and Health Administration

How It Works

Our compliance software ensures cohesive within any regulatory environment by combining four powerful tools in a single application. Your team will benefit from the interconnection between all needed operations while simple decision-making is accomplished via background tasks.

FORM4ACTION  can enhance any regulatory, quality and compliance program (ISO, SQF, FDA, GFSI, etc.)  by providing simple and direct electronic recording of audit and inspection data. Our interactive platform can improve consistency and performance of the required periodic quality checks and audits.

With FORM4ACTION, you can view real-time production information in the palm of your hand. Once recorded, your data is stored on a single server and is accessible when and where you need it.  You can finally spend less time manually trying to improve processes, and more time focusing on your day-to-day responsibilities.

WORKFLOW4ACTION is an automation software that allows you to automate intensive approval-based processes across departments and systems. Workflow automation makes processes more efficient, compliant, agile, and visible by ensuring that each step of a process is explicitly defined, monitored over time, and optimized for maximum productivity.

Instead of relying on antiquated paper calendars or mental notes, you can count on WORKFLOW4ACTION to automatically assign compliance-related tasks to the appropriate employees at the right time. In addition, managers can monitor all compliance processes in real-time to ensure that everything is running smoothly and tasks are getting accomplished.

You never have to lose or incorrectly file a document again. With our cloud-based document management system (DMS), you can access important documents when and where you need them—no file cabinets necessary. Your data is systematically organized using an advanced category system and is both easily searchable and shareable.

In addition to its highly intuitive interface and impressive feature list, DOCUMENT4ACTION is the only file sharing solution to use two-factor authentication, SSL, encryption and VPN. Our DMS is protected with a real-time forensic monitor so you can track exactly who accesses confidential information.

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