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Do you often have to choose between comfort and energy savings? Or between equipment efficiency and quality of service? There are many costly problems and risks a solid asset management solution can avoid. Ensure the comfort and safety of your occupants by monitoring building usage and indoor settings (air quality, temperature, etc.) and adapting energy-intensive uses to the occupancy of your spaces.

FACILITY4ACTION, our advanced Facility Management System, combines cutting-edge data collection and commands so that you can take measured action on your buildings and occupant safety and wellbeing.

On average, 30% of spaces remain unused in a company without a defined policy.


  • Stay informed about the real-time status of your car park: number of free parking spaces by category ( Electric Vehicles, Reduced-mobility, Car sharing, VIPs, Visitors).
  • Access the occupation rate of parking spaces by category: ( Electric Vehicles, Persons with reduced mobility, Car sharing, Management, Visitors).
  • Stay informed about the number of illegally parked cars and associated parking spaces in real-time.
  • Display a map of empty and occupied parking spaces.

With CITY4ACTION, gain insight into the impact that vegetation can have on the temperature of your cities and ensure improved outdoor comfort: 

  • Understand the thermal behavior of cities. 
  • Generate alerts and inform residents of extreme heat events.
  • Understand the impact of green spaces on city temperatures.
  • Simulate the thermal impact of urban design projects.

Optimizing energy consumption can make a major difference to a company’s operation, sustainability and profitability.

With ENERGY4ACTION, identify sources of energy savings amongst your assets and equipment and act accordingly. In order for you to make the best cost effective decisions, analyse the causes of possible deviations in energy consumption.


With MAINTENANCE4ACTION, manage all your assets at a glance and provide impeccable maintenance services to your clients. The solution compensates for the lack of on-site technicians. It provides remote maintenance and site-visit planning services.

With key indicators provided in real-time, MAINTENANCE4ACTION enables communication and rapid decision-making with service providers, allowing the best decisions to be made as soon as possible.

At the heart of customer’s and user’s expectations, a CSR strategy is a major driver of overall performance: environmental, social and economic.

With CSR4ACTION, use your data to implement a CSR action plan linked to the growth objectives of your business. Create an ethical and attractive company brand while reducing your operational cost !

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