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Communicates directly with formulation databases managing product recipes, materials lists, and more.

Energy4Action Interface

Error Proof  your blending operations

Accurately mixing or blending raw materials to create a finished product is the critical step within a process production facility. A single mistake proves costly in terms of production downtime, wasted resources, or even worse a product recall.

The goal for every batch is zero errors. In process manufacturing, blending operators are required to not only combine the proper components or ingredients, but also to ensure the selection accuracy determined by a variety of factors such as product type, amount, date, format, formula or even when to add materials during the blend sequence. Operators are also often required to accurately track the usage of components and record source lot numbers of each ingredient used within each batch for regulatory compliance and traceability purposes.

As SKUs increase in complexity due to multiple components, multi-part batches, and even the components’ shelf-life variances, mistakes are almost certain to occur at the blending/batching stage.

Without “error proofing”, the first question asked will be      “How much will this mistake cost the company?”

How It Works

BATCH VERIFICATION developed by DECIDE4ACTION  is a simple-to-learn, reliable solution.

BATCH VERIFICATION communicates directly with formulation databases managing product recipes, materials lists, etc. By integrating a client’s choice of scanning code technology, i.e. barcode, RFID, image, etc., operators auto-verify the accurate selection of required raw materials, ingredients and/or components. The solution then verifies against the most-current record in the database to alert operators if the correct materials have been selected. The solution has the capability for two-way communication for accurate usage reconciliation and better inventory management.  

Complete Batch Management Information Software

Designed originally for process manufacturing, BATCH VERIFICATION is the solution to choose for any production facility looking to accurately determine proper selection of components, materials, ingredients, or resources before the production process begins. 

Featuring integration capabilities with internal programs/applications (ERP, MES, financials, etc.), scanning code technologies and even inventory management systems, manufacturers can easily implement and deploy a tool that reduces risk and prevents costly mistakes before they occur.

Eliminate Batching Errors

• Concentrate verification at staging, catching blend errors before they occur

• Verify shipments to ensure components delivered match components ordered

View and Print Reports

• Real-time concentrate inventory reports
• Raw materials receipt reports available for any time period
• Usage reports available for any time period
• Individual batch reports with concentrate lot numbers
• Filtering report data by operator id, shift, etc.
• View inventory costs by component based on cost per unit
• Syrup batch production reports available for a complete traceability history

Operator Performance Measurements

• Error log measures operator performances for team comparisons and accountability
• Improved verification of concentrate shipments

Real-time Feedback

• Handheld displays allow operators to get immediate feedback on their concentrate scans
• Audible feedback alerts operators to potential errors in selected components, including invalid components, out-of-date material, wrong amount of material, and incomplete batch
• Immediate data updates of receipts / usage through wireless connectivity

Screen for Expired Material

• Screen for potential out-of-spec product based on receipt date / shelf life

Product Dashboard

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