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Automate Your Lab’s Data Recording and Management with Our State-of-the-Art LIM Software

In any manufacturing environment, one of the keys to making top-notch products is constant attention to quality and consistency. Historically, many of the tests performed to assure this quality required a full time employee and dedicated instruments typically located in a testing lab. However, when you’re relying on  manually maintaining important data, you compromise quality and consistency of that data.

At DECIDE4ACTION, we believe that the focus should be put back on quality and accuracy. Our state-of-the-art lab information management system allows teams to move the whole process of information gathering, decision making, calculation, review, and release out into the workplace, and not strictly confine it to the laboratory environment.

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Automatic data transfer
Test result data entry 
Product specification administration
Best in class statistical process control
Data analysis charting tools
Detailed summary reports
Production and Quality Assurance Integration
SaaS, Cloud and On-Premises Deployments

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