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Production software that monitors line efficiency numbers and has easy-to-use reports to view all line data collected. FRANCIS

How it works

TOOLKIT4ACTION OEE software for production line monitoring is an essential tool in any production improvement program. Analyze machine effectiveness within discrete, batch, and continuous production processes. Use facts and figures, interpret your losses and enhance production effectiveness for continuous improvement. TOOLKIT4ACTION is part of the PRODUCTION4ACTION and DECIDE4ACTION product suite and the follow-up to OEE Toolkit and OEEblue.

  • Real-time monitoring
  • OEE productivity measurement
  • Line-based reporting
  • On-premise & cloud
  • Browser platform

Key Benefits

Real-time information
  • Real-time information in reports & analysis
  • Detailed line and machine performance measurement
  • Overview of all machines within the line, plant, company
Enhanced Reports and Analysis
  • Improved reports and analysis
  • Enhanced distribution of reports and analysis
  • More build-in logic between machines and calculations
  • Platform and device-independent
  • Easy to maintain, distributed functionality, central hosting

Customizable digital signage, narrowcasting, all devices

Deployment options on-premise, hybrid & cloud

Flexible, and easy to adapt to your needs, SSO

Integrated customizable E-forms / Workflows (includes 5 workflows + 100 documents)

Enhanced integrated multisite dashboard, all machines (to be released soon)

Growth path to D4A productivity solutions suite

Upgrade & Support

Database migration
Master data
Main historical data
Line summary data
System requirements / infrastructure
Server / browser / network
Existing sensors + I/O modules
VPN connection for installation and automatic update
Upgrade: depending on nr of lines and configuration
Training: 2 days (admin + users)
Supports existing OEE Toolkit 5, 6, or OEEblue
As long as the market requires

Product Dashboard

Why do people like working with TOOLKIT4ACTION OEE

POWERFUL REAL-TIME DATA – turn data into powerful information

EASILY EXPANDABLE – to multiple production lines and plants

HIGHLY CUSTOMIZABLE – to any equipment and situation

INTUITIVE TO USE – for factory floor and management

FAST RESULTS – quick implementation and ROI software