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Adum Consulting helps companies improve their competitiveness with advice, training, and guidance in the implementation of advanced management methods, based on the principles of excellence, combining innovative techniques and a lot of practical experience in international companies.

Cepsa is a leading international company committed to sustainable mobility and energy with strong technical expertise. Cepsa is leading sustainable mobility and energy to create value and a better future for all – and transforms energy mobility to improve the world. 

ICCG (Independent Computer Consulting Group) is an innovative ERP consulting company specializing in implementing PLM, WMS, & SCM systems – specifically focusing on the food and beverage, chemical, fashion, distribution, and manufacturing verticals.

Kepware is a portfolio of industrial connectivity solutions that help businesses connect diverse automation devices and software applications. Kepware provides the flexibility to combine drivers and consume multiple protocols in a single server while offering a streamlined interface for simple installation.

McMain’s asset management software makes it possible to process your wishes and workflow in the sofware. Do you want to expand? We have extra modules to upgrade your software package to a successful digital maintenance management package.

 Roelofs IMC I want to improve the operating profit of your company. I increase your profit by improving the effectiveness and efficiency of the production, supply chain, and sales processes.

Our software allows you to visualize and publish your information on digital screens. Whether it concerns corporate information via narrowcasting/ digital signage , smartphones, or tablets.

Ultra Consultants ERP consultants understand manufacturing and distribution industries – they have decades of knowledge and experience to work for you, along with their proven methodology to maximize the potential of your business.

Software Industry Consultant Firm

Consultants, trainers, analysts, specialists, and interim managers. Strategy and implementation, performance improvement, learning, and development, Voluty is a consultancy and interim office that brings progress together.

Digital Continuous Improvement Software

M-Lean manufacturing tools are for industry leaders who want to transform the knowledge collected from connected workers into sustainable environments. Data and AI solutions are just the fuel; people are the launch pad for a safer, more efficient, and better world.  At M-Lean, we believe the future is digitally human.

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