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Richard Bergeron started DECIDE4ACTION because he discovered the single the biggest obstacle to operations: how people make decisions.

Richard’s background is in operations, management, sales and mergers & acquisitions. Because of this experience, Richard repeatedly saw businesses and organizations relying on humans to make the right decisions. However, the individuals may not have had the training or the ability to perform what was being asked of them. In addition, they could not easily digest all of the data, insights, feedback and information available to them. Decision-making was congested, chaotic and convoluted.

How DECIDE4ACTION originated?

Around 2011, Richard was in charge of a Florida-based electronic capacitors manufacturer (Exxelia Dearborn). While there, he created a custom-designed software as a “layer on top” to process the information and prepare people to make decisions. The layer was so efficient and useful that it changed the business. 

“For over 30 years, I have been in or around the operations side of manufacturing,” shared Richard. “I will usually start a conversation by saying ‘I am an operations guy at heart.’ At Exxelia Dearborn,  we were struggling with improving our OTD (On Time Delivery). I looked at the situation and knew how to solve the problem. And what we implemented, which was met with a lot of initial skepticism, could be seen as simply two simple forms and a tool. However, the reasoning and process behind all of it was much more than that. We saw it succeed. We reached OTD rate of 99% and stayed there consistently.

That “layer” became DECIDE4ACTION.  Because of the success of the layered decision-making tool, Richard believed the same software should be made available to all manufacturing and even beyond manufacturing. Therefore, DECIDE4ACTION, the company,  was born.

What is behind the success of the platform?

The success of DECIDE4ACTION is visible by how it interacts with employees, the people, as well as with software, processes and information.  

DECIDE4ACTION is based on more than just manufacturing experiences and management perspectives. It incorporates Game Theory principles and theories of human motivation in order to create productive, efficient, streamlined work environments.  It is ahead of its time and looking at things differently. For one thing, it appears to be even more aligned with Industry 5.0 than Industry 4.0.

“Reading is still the main way that I both learn new things and test my understanding.” Bill Gates

Consequently, explaining how DECIDE4ACTION works and succeeds is not so easy. Richard knew it was working, but could not specifically explain why it was working. Until he read a book. Richard shared, “Throughout my career, I always have read about psychology, business, leaders, and any other topic to help me to better understand the ideas that I am applying and/or should apply in business. I believe books are written to inspire people to do and act. People should use the knowledge and insight from what they read. One book that helped me to explain why my approach was working was Decide by Steve McClatchy. For that, I give the author thanks.”

 “I read for pleasure and to find other perspectives on how to think or solve a problem.”

Shelly Lazarus

“I would continuously search for new ideas. I read every book and magazine I could. Heck, 3 bucks for a magazine, 20 bucks for a book. One good idea that led to a customer or solution and it paid for itself many times over.”

Mark Cuban

Follow this blog because we will be diving into the details of the principles and theories behind DECIDE4ACTION. 

What is the Big Vision?

Richard has a big vision for DECIDE4ACTION.  He shared, “Our focus is to be a seamless integration platform. An analogy would be like your mobile phone. For instance, that is one area today where we easily can link multiple apps together – using iOS or Android. In the business world, there is nothing to link them all. There are APIs but that is one system to another. DECIDE4ACTION will become an ecosystem that will link all the various systems. Most importantly, the reason why DECIDE4ACTION will succeed is because at its core, it understands people. The key is the people.”

The DECIDE4ACTION Platform:  

Who it is for?

The DECIDE4ACTION platform was built for leaders of optimization, continuous improvement, operations, production and management because it simplifies decision-making for all… from factory-floor operators to department supervisors to plant managers to C-level execs.

What it does?

DECIDE4ACTION resolves the following challenges for manufacturers and organizations:

  • Formalizes company knowledge into and across a platform instead of just within employees
  • Makes decisions easier at each step of the decision-making process
  • Reduces the demand for training
  • Eliminates the feeling of being handcuffed by an ERP
  • Integrates multiple software platforms locally, regionally and globally
  • Prevents need to individually customize existing software, i.e. COTS, home grown, legacy, etc.
  • Motivates people across all departments… production, operations, QA/QC, administration, etc.

What it is?

In short by incorporating workflow, digital data capture, robust analytics and advanced technologies such as IoT and NanoEdge AI, our solutions platform automates processes and decision-making where appropriate. In addition for complex decisions or when not enough information is available, the platform presents the right data, analytics, insights and information to the right person to make the right decision based on their expertise and experience.

Above all, DECIDE4ACTION is an innovative, performance-driven, decision-making platform that also acts as a functional, interactive top-layer to integrate with all of an organization’s disparate data and various existing programs (legacy, homegrown, best-of-breed, COTS, etc.). As well, each individual solution can be customized to address unique or specific processes and needs. Plus, all solutions feature built-in integration within the platform and integration capabilities with an organization’s data and systems.

Our Solutions

Below are our solutions that align well with an organization’s need for tracking, reviewing and ensuring the successful performance of all departments and operations:

SCADA, production/performance monitoring, accurate OEE measuring, Predictive maintenance

Integrated lab data management, manufacturing lab information management system, lab testing on factory floor, quality assurance testing

Proactive software for management of Cost of Quality (COQ) such as recipe, labels, Bill of Material, Packaging verification

QA/QC compliance record keeping, digital data capture, e-Forms, workflow management, document management system (DMS)

Inventory, shipping and receiving verification management, direct ship from production line, carrier integration (UPS, FEDEX, etc.)

Comprehensive manufacturing order management and production optimization. Yield and inventory usage optimization

Complete management of test criteria, testing process and test results

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  1. Great post. Managing data is vital in the lab industry. Improperly collected and stored data can be lost before analysis, recorded incorrectly, prevent work from being verified, or even impede the research and processes that need the data to advance.

  2. Thanks for helping me understand that digital data captures are robust analytics and advanced technologies these days. I guess it will really help small businesses if they would invest in these technologies. They can easily store and use the data of their clients to meet their demands.

  3. I appreciate Richard’s acknowledgement of the value of continuous learning through reading. Books like ‘Decide’ by Steve McClatchy provide not just theoretical knowledge, but actionable insights. It’s heartening to see how such wisdom is being applied effectively in the real world to make DECIDE4ACTION a success.

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