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CC+I with Decide4Action logo

OCTOBER 24, 2017

DECIDE4ACTION Inc. announced that it has acquired 100% of the stock of Computer Control + Integration Inc. (CC+I) of Greenville, SC. CC+I is a leader in software development designed to improve efficiency of operations in the Food and Beverage Industries. The acquisition will allow DECIDE4ACTION and CC+I to improve product offerings within industries currently served and to penetrate new markets.

CC+I management transitioned and remained in place during the transition with Tim Clark continuing as President and Scott Dozier as Vice President of Sales and Marketing. Richard Bergeron become the CEO. 

“Our acquisition of CC+I compliments our overall software products offering so we can now provide new products to existing Customers,” said Richard Bergeron, CEO of DECIDE4ACTION. “This investment represents an important and strategic opportunity to increase the breadth of the Decide4Action platform and enhance the offerings to all customers.”

CC+I served the Food and Beverage industries since 1988 by supplying integrated factory-floor systems, including Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS), Production Line Monitoring Systems (PLMS), Batch Verification Systems (BVS), and Process Control Systems. Via the acquisition, DECIDE4ACTION targets to expand into other process-based and discrete manufacturing arenas by offering a layered approach that to tracking and capturing data, providing detailed analytics and reporting, and simplifying and automating processes in order to drive more informed decision making.

The DECIDE4ACTION platform of integrated solutions now includes:

  • Production4Action: SaaS and on-premise solutions for SCADA production monitoring
  • Lab4Action: SaaS and on-premise solutions for lab data management
  • Quality4Action: quality assurance process such as label, batch and package verification
  • Compliance4Action: complete compliance management module with workflow, DMS and digital forms
  • Shipping4Action: Inventory, shipping and receiving verification management, direct ship from production line, carrier integration (UPS, FEDEX, etc.)
  • Planning4Action: Comprehensive manufacturing order management and production optimization. Yield and inventory usage optimization
  • Testing4Action: Integrate and manage testing’s core function areas: Criteria, Testing and Results

At its core, DECIDE4ACTION is a software and platform integration company that is dedicated to bringing back fun into the workplace with software that understands how humans interact. Centered on enhancing productivity by putting the user at the core of the software design, DECIDE4ACTION‘s innovative productivity software platform with a range of solutions to enhance productivity in a wide range of industries.