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Factory-Floor Software Solutions Tailored for Manufacturing

Tailor our solutions to fit your operations… not the other way around

The entire DECIDE4ACTION Platform and its integrated suite of solutions can easily be customized to match not only your needs, but also your processes, specifications, terminology, forms, reports, systems, applications, etc.

Make the most of your data. Leverage our foundation and expertise to drive Smart Manufacturing and Industry 4.0 initiatives for your business.

Personalized consultations. Personalized solutions.

See how cost-effective customization can be

Flexibility, Freedom and Expandability

Think of DECIDE4ACTION Solutions as custom and tailored clothing without the high premium pricing.

For over 25 years, our clients have shared that “off the shelf” manufacturing software solutions require more dedicated internal resources for learning, implementation, training and management. Plus, these solutions either are limited in terms of matching what is needed or requiring additional, often substantial, costs for customizations, upgrades, features, etc.

DECIDE4ACTION partners with clients and includes them along the customization process. Clients not only give feedback, but also provide insights for exactly what they want to see in and gain from the solution.  

The Result: A solution that is exactly what is needed at that time and one that is easily customizable and expandable for growth and change.

Service and Support, not just Software

DECIDE4ACTION is more of a software engineering firm, than just a software provider. We help and support clients in addressing unique challenges and in determing best solutions for how they can improve data capture, internal monitoring, risk reduction, QA/QC, etc.

We provide Onsite, Cloud and SaaS implementations so organizations can define what works best for their infrastructure, solutions and software management needs. Plus, we gain insights from our clients so that we can offer additonal updates, features, functionalities and enhancements. 

The Result: Clients gain a partner… an extension of their departments and additional resources that are easily accessible and available.

Call, Email or Chat: We’re here to help…  24/7.  A US-based individual answers the phone or responds quickly to issues and requests.

Enhanced Control

DECIDE4ACTION solutions can be easily customized to the preferences of our clients. Preferences that might be as simple as specific terminology, calibrations, specs, reporting.  But we also provide clients with more control of preferences related to cost, scope, budgets, administrative management, capabilities, time frames, etc.

The result: Clients gain more control over the entire software solutions implementation process.

Customized Software Solutions make your manufacturing operations priority #1.