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Solutions & Support... Not Just Software


Manufacturing may be similar across an industry, but no two facilities are exactly the same. 

DECIDE4ACTION partners with you to provide customized and tailored factory-floor solutions specific to your operations and processes. Our platform and solutions will be enhanced not only to match the terminology, specifications, and resources, but also to integrate the data, systems and applications of your manufacturing business. 

DECIDE4ACTION is your partner to help your operations grow and the support in order to grow. We provide solutions and support… not just software. 

Industries we serve

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Food & Beverage

In an industry that’s so heavily regulated, one small oversight can cost you time, money, or even your reputation. DECIDE4ACTION’s products can give you peace of mind by helping you effectively monitor your production line’s performance, automate data recording and management, and more.

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If you’re still conducting manual audits and/or product tests, filling out handwritten paperwork, or estimating line stoppage times, chances are you’re also feeling the effects of manufacturing inefficiency: product errors, low yield, or noncompliance. Our products can streamline every step of the production process to save you time, money, and frustration.

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Distribution Centers

Our state-of-the-art products can significantly lessen the burden associated with the distribution process. By eliminating arbitrary tasks and automating audit processes, DECIDE4ACTION helps you comply with regulations put forth by various agencies, and built-in tools allow you to decrease shipment preparation times and reduce manual record keeping.

Don’t See Your Industry?

Not a problem! We customize our solutions specifically to your company needs.

What Our Clients Have To Say

  • I think of CC+I/DECIDE4ACTION not as a software company, but as an Engineering partner in terms of systems. There are a lot of people out there providing software, but over the years we found that very few companies are capable of understanding our needs and delivering a product that really meets it.

    Cloeann Durham
    Vice President of Quality
    Coca-Cola Bottling Company Consolidated
  • DECIDE4CTION provided us with the tools to improve our On-Time-Delivery performance from 78% on time to a near perfect 99%. This is an almost unachievable performance level.

    Director of Operations
    Exxelia Dearborn Inc.
  • DECIDE4ACTION is a radical new concept that allowed us to improve our performance significantly. What a success it has been.

    Christophe Marlin
    Former CEO of a passive components Manufacturing Group
  • DECIDE4ACTION provided us with a way to organize our information in a multi-site multi-country environment.

    Mathieu Charbonneau
    President, Door-Spec Inc.

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