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Webinar This Month:

Industry 4.0: Simplify your initiatives and projects

Dates: Thursday (April 23rd)

Time: 11:30 am EST  (20-25 minutes max, Q&A at end)


DECIDE4ACTION‘s expertise is in capturing and collecting factory-floor data, analyzing and integrating data for reporting, and delivering comprehensive information for better decision making.

Learn how to more easily determine problem areas that can reap the quickest gains and improvement. Learn about you can quickly start capturing data from critical machines and driving smarter manufacturing.

Upcoming 2020 Webinars

Brief Webinars Designed For Your Benefit

– Production Monitoring: Start with the lowest hanging fruit

– Industry 4.0: Simplify your initiatives and projects

 – How to digitally monitor both smart and “dumb” machines?

 – Budget-friendly Predictive Maintenance technology

 – Industry 5.0: Gain operators’ insights from factory and shop floor

 – Accurate OEE: Capturing the best and right data for OEE


DECIDE4ACTION hosts brief webinars focused on industry topics, trends and challenges, as well as featuring relevant solutions. Sign-up to be notified about the next upcoming webinar. Don’t forget to include comments about topics you would like to learn more about.


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