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Ai at the edge

Predictive Maintenance. Machine Learning. Edge-Level Artificial Intelligence.

DECIDE4ACTION makes it easier and more cost-effective to implement cognitive manufacturing and artificial intelligence across operations. This means, facilities can cost-effectively and quickly implement predictive maintenance and machine learning projects. We partner with Cartesiam’s NanoEdge AI, unique machine-learning technology, to understand and exploit data directly where it is generated.

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For Analog, Digital and Smart Machines
Advanced Connectivity/Integration
Immediate Data Capture
Connect Device

Help your Facility Managers and Engineers know about maintenance issues before they occur.

Snap a CONNECTedge device on a critical machine. Predictive maintenance machine learning starts immediately. Edge device seamlessly communicates with a CONNECT  and our network. Gain automatic proactive maintenance alerts. Management dashboard updated in real-time.

Our machine learning services are much more than status monitoring. Actual learning occurs at an individual machine. NanoEdge AI, artificial intelligence at the microcontroller level, immediately learns and intelligently adjusts to eliminate false positives, determine accurate thresholds, establish accurate real-time parameters, and fully comprehend operational performance.

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Edge-Level Machine Learning
A.I. Driven Predictive Maintenance 
Built-in Data Analytics