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DECIDE4ACTION integrates the proven tools of SoftDelirium

DECIDE4ACTION  has acquired SoftDelirium , a company specialized in designing, developing and successfully implementing computer applications and real-time data acquisition for the manufacturing SME. Well known for its Symbiose  SME TMManufacturing Management Software, SoftDelirium earned its  reputation and expertise for providing affordable modular ERP/MRP2 manufacturing management software that provides real-time control over all aspects of operations, including production

Since 2005, SoftDelirium focused on delivering comprehensive functionality to fit operational budgets and drive businesses processes. Providing a complete solution is also the foundation for how it approached working with its clients. They built long-lasting relationships by not only providing software solutions, but also offering customization with deployments and training end-users to ensure smooth implementation and transitions.

SoftDelirium, just like DECIDE4ACTION, is known as a trusted partner, not just as a software vendor.

Much More Than ERP Software

DECIDE4ACTION increases operational performance and efficiency possibilities with the addition of new ERP software. We specialize in capturing data, automating processes and integrating information for better decision-making. But most importantly, we want to know what does a business want to achieve? What does an organization need to do right now?

Increase productivity? 
Prevent mistakes?                           
Improve performance?
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Now manufacturers and organizations can more easily integrate production and quality data with materials, inventory, scheduling, orders, engineering, warehousing and distribution. They can more easily gain efficiencies driven by just-in-time supply chain management. They can reduce their risk by achieving complete traceability from raw materials through finished products to delivery verification. Businesses and management can focus more on increasing value and driving customer satisfaction.

DECIDE4ACTION offers a platform of software solutions designed to comprehensively integrate and share data across operations, including ERP, support, planning, shipping and dashboard solutions. With the addition of SoftDelirium’s ERP, we have made it much simpler for operations of any size to leverage technology to deliver actionable intelligence and make smarter decisions. 

We’d like to work with you.

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