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Our Experience

Decades of knowledge combined with our groundbreaking integration software to deliver a one-of-a-kind experience.

Workplace Productivity

A Delicate Balance

Throughout his career, our founder and CEO, Richard Bergeron, noticed that the stark emphasis placed on productivity in the workplace had significant long-term impacts on team efficiency and morale.

Richard knew that there was a way to combine fulfillment of corporate objectives with workplace satisfaction and enjoyment. Our company was born out of a need for balance in these traditional corporate environments.

More Than Just A Concept

Three Decades of Proven Results

Because our team has first-hand experience working in engineering and manufacturing environments, we understand exactly what our clients need. And as a result, DECIDE4ACTION doesn’t just look good on paper.

Our software and hardware products have yielded consistent results in a wide range of industries including food & beverage, textiles, and other related manufacturing environments for more than 30 years.

Production Efficiency that is Leading the Way

Proven Results - to Lead your Manufacturing Company

Global client base, 1,000+ facilities served


37 years of proven experience


20+ Integrated suite of solutions        


Over 130 clients we serve globally with our software

Leadership Team

Richard Bergeron

CEO - Greenville

Richard Bergeron is the lead CEO of the Decide4Action team. He specifically facilitates the operations, goals, and mission of the Decide4Action vision.

Anne-Marie St.Pierre

President - Quebec City

Anne-Marie St. Pierre is in charge of management and business development in Canada. She advances the Decide4Action mission locally within the Quebec City companies.

Max Marinissen

Managing Director - Eindhoven

Max Marinissen is the business manager of our Europe location and is responsible for expanding the business footprint into the European market – to increase company impact.

Jeremy Metier

Director of Operations

As the Director of Operations at Decide4Action, Jeremy strategically organizes the company’s resources to ensure projects are delivered on schedule and user needs are fully met. Jeremy prioritizes continuous improvement processes to enhance operational efficiency and customer satisfaction.