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How It Works

On the surface, Decide4Action is a suite of software solutions that help organizations improve performance and maximize productivity. But at its core, it is an integrated decision-making platform…much, much more than just software.

What is Decide4Action?

On the surface, DECIDE4ACTION is a suite of software solutions that help organizations improve performance and maximize productivity. But at its core, it is an integrated decision-making platform…much, much more than just software.

DECIDE4ACTION does what most Business Process Management Software’s don’t. It goes beyond an impressive feature list and a modern user interface and actually gets to the root of the problem: simplifying and automating decision making to streamline business processes.

Our Philosophy

To understand exactly how DECIDE4ACTION works, we must first explore where our motivations come from—in the workplace and otherwise. In short, every decision we make is either to avoid pain or obtain gain.

Avoid Pain

Every day we make decisions to avoid pain. We want to avoid the consequences associated with not performing certain tasks. Some basic examples of “avoid pain” tasks include:

  • Paying our bills
  • Going to the dentist
  • Cleaning

The same principle can apply to tasks we complete in the workplace. When we’re trying to avoid these consequences, our nervous system signals to our brain that there is a stressor. As a result, our brain produces adrenaline to increase our mental concentration and help us focus on the task at hand.

This is often known as a “fight or flight” response. Running on adrenaline can be effective in the short-term, but it isn’t sustainable. If we only ever complete tasks to avoid pain, we might feel like we’re working too hard with nothing to show for it. These feelings often lead to premature employee burnout.

Obtain Gain

The other kinds of decisions we make are those that offer an intrinsic reward. Unlike the tasks we perform to avoid pain, there are no consequences for not completing “gain” tasks. Instead, accomplishing these tasks gives us a refreshed, balanced and energized feeling because our brain releases oxytocin and endorphins. Tasks driven by gain produce more significant positive results than tasks driven by fear of pain.

Decisions in the Workplace

A History of “Avoiding Pain”

Most corporate structures operate using a series of rigid and arbitrary tasks. In other words, employees are usually driven to perform by fear of pain or consequence. This creates a cycle of inefficiency. When tasks are only performed out of fear of disciplinary action, teams become unfulfilled and burnt out.
To make matters worse, if one or more of an employee’s tasks requires them to collaborate with another team member, the task is much less likely to be accomplished. Projects often get stalled because processes must work their way up the organizational ladder. Employee A needs something from Employee B, but Employee B must check with Employee C before giving them the information they need. And if Employee A never gets the necessary information, the task simply won’t get accomplished.

These issues negatively impact individual employees and companies as a whole. When a team feels stuck, the company is not operating as efficiently, effectively, or profitably as it should be.

Where We’re Headed

More Gain, Less Pain

Although “avoid pain” tasks cannot be avoided altogether, they can certainly be balanced with more “gain” tasks. DECIDE4ACTION’s software intentionally mixes these two kinds of tasks to stop the brain from constantly relying on adrenaline. Our software can transform the way employees think about their work.






By removing as many “pain” tasks as possible and implementing more “gain” tasks into common processes, employees feel empowered, confident, and have the means and motivation necessary to operate efficiently.

DECIDE4ACTION ’s combination of artificial intelligence, factory automation and complex algorithms can help eliminate the middleman, automate decisions and facilitate necessary interactions with the appropriate parties. With our software, tasks are no longer put off or overlooked. Human error can be a thing of the past.

Some of the ways that DECIDE4ACTION promotes a “gain” mentality are:

Empower Employees to Take Action

Nothing can hinder employee motivation and productivity like feeling overwhelmed. Our custom software simplifies even the most complex task by:

  • Condensing tasks into smaller, more manageable items
  • Eliminating unnecessary middlemen so that tasks may be performed quickly and with ease.
  • Automatically assigning specific tasks to the appropriate parties and facilitating interactions between employees, so that no task gets overlooked or put off
Foster a Healthy Sense of Accomplishment

Achievement fosters greater motivation—it reinforces the idea that what you’re doing is right. DECIDE4ACTION strengthens this necessary sense of accomplishment by:

  • Gamifying tasks so that employees are immediately rewarded for completing them.
Encourage Continuous Improvement

Since the top motivator of “obtain gain” tasks is intrinsic improvement, employees must be reminded that their work is for the benefit of themselves and their teams. DECIDE4ACTION draws attention to this by:

  • Recording, storing, and analyzing specific data to identify areas for improvement on an equipment, an individual, and a team basis.

Experience Leading the Way

With over 30 years of experience yielding positive results for our clients, our product doesn’t just look good on paper. We’ve demonstrated its effectiveness in numerous industries, including engineering, manufacturing, textiles and more. Find out why you should DECIDE4ACTION today.