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Still Using Post-its
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The Future of Business Process Management

Our workflow software is based on simple everyday business principles. Here’s a quick overview of how DECIDE4ACTION works:

The road to efficiency is a decision that is best taken for pleasure rather than for fear of consequences.
— R. Bergeron – President


Benefit from interconnection between all needed operations, while simple decision-making is accomplished via background tasks. Review workflow in a decision-making dashboard that actually makes the process workflow “FUN” for your employees as you easily dispatch work, targeting where it needs to happen…



Understand the Steps that Make Up Successful Decision-making

Once implemented in the workplace, DECIDE4ACTION provides a positive and stimulating work environment. Instead of being stressed about upcoming decisions that need to be made, or even burned out by sheer volume of decision-making, your staff will remain highly motivated while accomplishing what needs to get done.

By splitting the work at hand into smaller, more manageable pieces, each step can be addressed more efficiently and therefore completed by any given operator. DECIDE4ACTION’s rapid and repeated small incremental achievements are key to its successful decision-making process.

“Nature has placed mankind under the government of two sovereign masters, pain and pleasure – they govern us in all we do, in all we say, in all we think: every effort we can make to throw off our subjection, will serve but to demonstrate and confirm.”
Jeremy Bentham, Philosopher, 1748-1832


A deadline is negative inspiration, for some it’s the only form of inspiration.


Managing by fear of consequences is like sailing a ship by telling it that it will sink.


Fear can help get things done but will never lead to creativity and new ideas.


When people are free of fear, they can use their creativity and energy to perform.

In essence, DECIDE4ACTION’s workflow software aims to make a pleasurable experience out of the decision-making process

In most workplaces, business processes and systems are based on a series of rigid and inefficient “rules and methods” which indirectly cost a company time and money. This is especially true over the long term as old processes are forced to accommodate new business processes or newly implemented work methods within the company. This results in the company needing to train their employees to work with a number of different processes, new and old, which in turn lead to obvious inefficiency. As a result, tailoring employees to new or modified process drives up training costs and ends up being a recipe for long and tedious task resolution.

Decisions made out of fear of consequences are a thing of the past!

In extreme circumstances, the process becomes so convoluted that only a handful of high-level employees possess the knowledge to actually get the process done. As a result, these skilled employees are forced to take over a significant amount of work that could be performed by less qualified people simply due to the fact that these decisions are being flagged as “high-level”, which require an unneeded additional step in the decision-making process.

Another downfall, separate sub-steps within the process are often manually “glued” together by directing employees to hand off documents to the next person involved in the ongoing process. By implementing DECIDE4ACTION, you can avoid the familiar workflow situations where “Bring the paperwork to Employee “X” when you’re done” are prevalent.

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Welcome to better decision-making…

DECIDE4ACTION gives you all of the needed tools to tailor the decision-making process to your company’s methods and people. DECIDE4ACTION also allows decisions to change dynamically in reaction to new developments within the workplace. Not only will this cut costs, it’ll provide a workflow process that is specifically optimized for current workplace methods, one in which your employees will benefit greatly by working from DECIDE4ACTION’s easy to use task list.

In contrast to rigid decision-making processes, DECIDE4ACTION is based on natural human behavioral decision-making. Our workflow system implements the natural way we make decisions as to what to do next…

Lead “creative” meetings for the right reasons, not “decision making” ones for the wrong reasons…

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The creative concept behind our software

We make decisions and take actions in both personal and professional environments for one of two key reasons:

• Avoid pain
• Obtain pleasure or some form of gain

As an example, when we pay our mortgage, we don’t do it for pleasure, we get it done because we want to avoid all negative consequences associated with not getting done. The same thought process applies for any action that we take out of fear of the consequences. This is what we define as a “PAIN” task.

By opposition, we don’t take a vacation or go shopping because we’re afraid of the consequences, we do it because it gives us pleasure. This is what we refer to as a “GAIN” task.

Give praise, where praise is due!

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Gone are the days of “No Pain, No Gain”…

In the workplace, most middle management personnel tend to organize work in a series of “PAIN” tasks. To ensure that these “PAIN” tasks actually get completed, a small army of supervisors, managers and directors are put in place as enforcers. 

Consequently, these highly paid enforcers serve to reprimand employees that aren’t processing specific tasks properly as these actions are not getting done. Management then spends countless hours explaining to these employees, the reason(s) why they’re not getting the raise or the promotion they want or even worse, that they might suffer disciplinary action or even be fired for lack of efficiency.

Wouldn’t it be better if people could simply accomplish these actions on their own? Not only because they can, but because it actually becomes pleasurable to do so. DECIDE4ACTION transforms the workplace into an enjoyable decision-making experience. Taking cues from game theory, DECIDE4ACTION improves workplace efficiency in an involved and highly interactive process.

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