Do you track downtime/changeovers? Are you capturing the right data?

Let your data lead you.

Our automated software platform and customizable suite of solutions provide real-time insights into manufacturing processes to enable informed decision-making, improve operational efficiency, eliminate human error, and ultimately create a more productive work environment.

Customized Software Solutions to Simplify Even the Most Complex Processes

Simplify and strengthen your compliance with regulations across your organization while improving quality and efficiency.

Eliminate tedious, manual data within the lab and enjoy best in class statistical process control with our Lab Data Management System

Guarantee product verification ensuring flawless quality throughout the production process.

Get real-time status of all production lines and generate statistics on line stoppage to ensure continuous improvement.

Automate the testing process, reduce errors, increase efficiency and provide intelligent analysis of product for continued improvement within Test Criteria Management.

Compliment the full power of your information without complexity by simplifying the decision process and preventing entry error.

Product Features

  • Customized data management software solutions
  • Built-in software and application integration
  • Real-time monitoring and accurate reporting
  • Automated data capture and process-based decisions

Our Philosophy

Everything we do is to either avoid pain or obtain gain. In a corporate setting, the tasks that allow us to avoid pain are what ultimately drive us to perform. This mindset might be acceptable, but it is not sustainable; and over time, employees will burn out.

DECIDE4ACTION uses automation and artificial intelligence to simplify decision making in the workplace, helping employees to feel empowered and rewarded for their work.

What Our Clients Have To Say

  • I think of CC+I/DECIDE4ACTION not as a software company, but as an Engineering partner in terms of systems. There are a lot of people out there providing software, but over the years we found that very few companies are capable of understanding our needs and delivering a product that really meets it.

    Cloeann Durham
    Vice President of Quality
    Coca-Cola Bottling Company Consolidated
  • DECIDE4CTION provided us with the tools to improve our On-Time-Delivery performance from 78% on time to a near perfect 99%. This is an almost unachievable performance level.

    Director of Operations
    Exxelia Dearborn Inc.
  • DECIDE4ACTION is a radical new concept that allowed us to improve our performance significantly. What a success it has been.

    Christophe Marlin
    Former CEO of a passive components Manufacturing Group
  • DECIDE4ACTION provided us with a way to organize our information in a multi-site multi-country environment.

    Mathieu Charbonneau
    President, Door-Spec Inc.

Our Numbers Speak For Themselves

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